Answered Prayers

If we have prayed for a situation in your life and you have seen a change, please let us know what God is up to!  

Answered Prayers

Posted by Nicole on Oct 05th, 2014
Wow! What a blessing it has been to meet Jesus here at Celebration, and to see the work that he has been doing in our youth. I just want to say thank you Lord for preparing these students to be lights for their peers and families. Thank you Lord for drawing students into your student ministries and working in their hearts, and just using me as a hammer in the process. Please continue to draw students into your name, and fill our worship center with their presence. You are so good GOD! 

Posted by joelle Frazer on Mar 11th, 2016
PTL, talked to my daughter Jennifer last evening, and she will go to the other Panara Bread store where she lives at (Sioux City Iowa). Thank you for everyone that prayed for her and for us. God is so good.



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