The Prayer Room and 24/7 Prayer


The Prayer Room is one of our favorite places at Celebration. It is dedicated to spending time with God in all forms of prayer. Some of the ways you can spend your time in the prayer room:
   • Praise
   • Supplication
   • Meditate on scripture
   • Music
   • Write on the graffiti wall
   • Ask God for forgiveness as you put your sins through the "sin shredder"
   • Write down prayer requests so those who follow you there can also pray for you
   • Just spend quiet time in God's presence
With the sign-up board outside the prayer room door you can reserve one visit or a regular weekly prayer time. Prayer room keys are available to sign out for 24/7 access to a very special place where we can go to meet with God.


Click here to explore the world wide 24/7 prayer movement.

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